Cosmetic Dentistry

For patients that are unhappy with their smile, we offer a wide range of treatment options, ranging from the drill-free treatment of white spots with infiltrative resins to natural looking veneers and crowns.  Please ask any member of our dental team and we will gladly help you find a solution to fit your needs.While our doctors examine your teeth for cavities with the help of radiographs, evaluate you for the presence of gum disease and perform oral cancer screenings.

Teeth Whitening

People are often concerned about the color or brightness of their smiles.  Although whitening toothpaste can slow the progression of tooth stains, it is not a very effective whitening treatment.  We offer both custom and stock tray systems that are easy to use and provide you with whiter teeth in the comfort of your own home.

Key Benefits of Teeth Whitening:

  • Corrects brown, yellow, and spotted tooth staining
  • Works on people of any age
  • Can quickly transform a “dull” smile, restoring brightness

What are the details of teeth whitening?

It’s safe, quick, and inexpensive. In only a day or two your custom bleach splints will be ready for you to pick up. We provide you with a special bleaching agent that you put into the clear splints. With only a few hours of wear per day, our special bleaching agent bubbles stains right out of your enamel in a very short time without altering tooth structure or existing dental work in any way. When your teeth reach the desired brightness, only occasional treatment is needed to maintain your new smile.

How is teeth whitening done?

An impression is taken to make specialized trays to hold the bleach against the teeth. The material is used each night for about 3-4 hours for a week or two, and at the end of this time, significant whitening will occur.  For confidence in appearance, bleaching technology allows us to promise improvements in yellowing, aging, or stained teeth. For very severely stained teeth, crowns or porcelain veneers may be more appropriate.

Considerations regarding Teeth Whitening

Over-the-counter bleaching agents are available for purchase at drug stores and pharmacies. However, since these products can cause harm to the gums and teeth, it’s better to use products that our practice recommends.


Detecting tooth decay or cavities and repairing them before they become problematic is important to maintain a healthy mouth and smile. This is done through x-rays and a dentist’s examination.  At Chalfont Family Dentistry, we offer several solutions for restoring cavities, including composite or tooth colored fillings that are highly aesthetic and mercury-free.