In-House V.I.P. Plan

Affordable Dental Care

Without Dental Insurance

Drs. Groncki, White, & Eble offer dental coverage for as little as $46/month or $490/year.

Through this plan, we are able to personalize and increase affordability and access to quality dental care in our office



No yearly maximums


No waiting periods


No deductible

Some people think they cannot afford to go to the dentist because they don’t have access to quality dental insurance. At Chalfont Family Dentistry we care about our community and have created a plan that gives our top-notch dental care in an affordable in-house plan that fits everyone. Through a cost-effective subscription, patients can cover their checkups and cleanings for the year and receive significant discounts on other treatments. For a lower price than traditional dental insurance, you won’t have deductibles, yearly maximums, or claim forms. Signing up is easy. Give us a call today.

This plan is ideal for:

Anyone without dental coverage

Individuals and families


This Plan Includes:


Two cleanings per plan year


Two fluoride treatments per plan year

(children up to 15 years old)


Four bitewing x-rays per plan year


One full mouth x-ray

(usually taken every 3-5 years)


Two periodic exams per plan year


Oral cancer screening

Additionally, we include 20% off any restorative work such as:

  • Basic restorative (fillings)
  • Major restorative (crowns, bridges, implants, etc.)
  • Endodontics (referred to North Penn Endo & Dr. Caruso)
  • Periodontics (perio maintenance, scaling & root planning, full mouth debridement, etc.)
  • Extractions
  • Night guards
  • Veneers
  • Adjustments to crowns, partials, dentures, etc.
  • Repairs to dentures & partials
  • Adult fluoride
  • Additional cleanings
  • Additional x-rays
  • Emergency exams & pallative

For more information about Chalfont Family Dentistry’s VIP In-House Plan, please click the button below.